Garage Door Repairs

Check out my full list of repair services below.

whitecheckGarage Door Openers

Call Michaels Garage Door Repair as soon as your garage door stops functioning. Michael always distributes the top products on the market, and can repair and install each and every make, model and brand. Keypads and laser eyes available too.


Is your current garage door loud? Maybe it is bouncing on the tracks or perhaps going up and down slowly and gradually. As a professional garage technician, I will provide a full tune-up and ensure that all of your parts are  operating properly. Save yourself future expenses by getting a garage tune-up today.

whitecheckWeather Seals

Garage weather seals help keep rainwater, grime and the unexpected bug or mouse out of your garage. As well as keeping the climate controlled. Weather stripping is one of the things most people overlook. But Not at Michael’s Garage Door Repair Service.

whitecheckPanel Replacement

Are your home’s garage door panels damaged or dented? I have the skill and experience to change them out with a brand new one.

whitecheckGarage Door Springs

To help make sure that they will continue to last for a while, I only utilize the highest quality torsion & extension springs on the market. My garage door service additionally offers a lifetime warranty on service. You’ll have a moving garage door again in no time. With torsion springs that are quiet and reliable.

whitecheckCrashed Door Service

Your current garage may look ruined after being damaged, but will look and operate normal again once I confirm the problems and repair it.  Michael’s Garage Door Service has all of the the skills and tools available to resolve any garage door repair dilemma, which includes destroyed doors.

whitecheckGarage Door Parts

I am a specialist and can repair garage cables, destroyed sprockets, and twisted door tracks without trouble.

whitecheckGarage Door Rollers

When your rollers are worn out your garage door can be noisy and be in danger of falling off the tracks. I provide the best nylon rollers and installtion for a great price.

whitecheckCable Replacement

If your garage door cables are fraying or worn, you should replace them to avoid further problems when they do break. I carry all sizes and diameters and can replace them today!

whitecheckKeypads & Remotes

I can replace or re-program your garage door remotes for you. I also carry tons of keypads and can install them on the inside or outside our your garage for easy access. I can also program your vehicles “built in” Garage Door Opener Remote.

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Garage Door Opener Repair is a skilled trade, though sometimes the garage door opener cannot be repaired, if it can, I can do it. Otherwise I can recommend and install a new garage door opener at better prices than anyone else in town.

When replacing panel assemblies that have been damaged ,I take the extra time to level and measure the frame to assure that once the door is back in place it operates smoothly.

Removing and replacing torsion springs on a garage door can be a very dangerous job, if you are not trained properly. Always call Michael’s Garage Door Service if your spring or springs break.

At Michael’s Garage Doors, we have found that many of our customers prefer to upgrade to a heavy-duty spring that typically lasts 50,000 cycles — and possibly more. It’s a worthwhile investment that saves money in the long run, as well the need for maintenance and frequent repairs.

Garage door rollers tend to break and eventually will dismount the door from the frame. At Michael’s Garage Door Service I replace the rollers with only the highest quality available. When rollers go bad its just a matter of time that worse problems can occur.

The cable is an important piece of equipment that ensures smooth and efficient operation of your garage door. Most often these cables are attached from the drum located near the top of the door to the bottom section of the door. These cables hold the door’s weight as the door moves upward and downward. When a cable breaks, your door becomes inoperable and needs to be repaired in order for it to function properly once again.