How can I tell if my garage door spring simply needs adjusting?

If a spring has too much or too little tension, the doors will either close or open too quickly. Test this by opening the doors half way and see if they tend to close or open on their own when let go. Adjusting high tension springs can be a dangerous job, so it is usually best to have professionals take a look at them.

Which garage door remote control is best for me?

It’s best to select a remote according to your needs. People with multiple openers should choose a multicode remote. Otherwise, you can get a simple one button remote. Just make sure it works with rolling code technology. If you don’t want to carry remotes, get a wireless garage door keypad.

Is garage door insulation beneficial in Las Vegas?

In my experience insulated garage doors are terrible in the summer. While they do a fantastic job keeping the heat in during cold winter months, the lack of duct work for actively cooling the space makes it into somewhat of a heat-trap with temperatures regularly hitting 120F when its only 90F outside.

This all changes though if you have AC running into the garage, in which case insulation is great.

What does rolling code technology mean and how does it work?

Prior to 1993, garage door openers used dip switches on the receiver and transmitter. While these switches provided garage door systems with 256 different codes they were not designed with high security in mind; the main intent was to avoid interference with similar systems nearby.

Today’s garage door openers use rolling code technology, whereby a new code (from billions of possibilities) is generated each time the transmitter is used. This approach prevents perpetrators from recording a code and replaying it to open a garage door. This virtually eliminates the possibility of hacking, and helps to prevent unauthorized entry to your home through the garage.

How do I open the garage door when there is a power outage?

It depends on the model so always refer to the owner’s manual for further instructions. You can open the door from the inside using the red emergency release cord, which hangs from the mounted overhead opener. With the garage door fully closed, simply pulling the emergency cord straight down should release the door from the carriage, allowing you to operate the door manually. If at all possible, do not release the garage door when open, except for emergency or security purposes and close the door with caution. Opening the door from the outside requires installation of an emergency release lock.

Who do I call in the Las Vegas area for garage repairs or new installation?
Michael’s Garage Door Service  – 702-508-5995